Shimmer and Shine Season2 Launch Promo Tool Kit
Nickelodeon approached us to direct the promotion package for the second season of their hit show Shimmer and Shine. Since the show revamped from 2D into 3D, Nickelodeon wanted to create a memorable campaign that made use of polished elements from Zarahmay Falls (the show’s main location) that would serve the network’s promotional material for more upcoming seasons.
Client: Director: Nico and Katwo Puertollano
Motion Graphics: \ 
Nico Puertollano Angelo Cuyegkeng Nyoung Kim
Compositing: Nico Puertollano
Intern: Carly Boyajian
Production Company: Aardman Nathan Love \\ Head of Production: James Elio \\ CG Lead: Eric Cunha \\ Motion Graphics: Hyejin Jun Hong \\ Lighting, Texture and Rendering: Jin Fang Jiang Triston Huang \\ 3D Animation: Tom Shek \\ Compositing: Jin Fang Jiang \Triston Huang

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