Sprout’s Holidays Unwrapped Promo Tool Kit
Sprout, a 24-hour preschool TV network in the United States, approached us to create a broadcast package to kickoff their 2016 Holiday season. The network wanted to communicate the feeling that kids get when they are wrapping and opening presents during the holiday season. The use of stop motion made all the elements of paper, ornaments and typography come to life.
Client: Sprout
Director: Nico and Katwo Puertollano Daniel Cohen
Animation: Angelo Cuyegkeng Megan Palero EJ Dalupang Nowy Aratan EG Albor Andrea Ferrer Cherylee Sng \\ Design: Angelo Cuyegkeng Megan Palero EJ Dalupang Nowy Aratan EG Albor Andrea Ferrer Cherylee Sng Patt Abutog Claude Aranza
Production House: Aardman Nathan Love \\ Director of Photography: Jan Reichle \\ Executive Producer: Jon O’Hara \\ Line Producer: Jesse Pliska  \\ Props: Marco Cousins Felicia Rein \\ Production Assistant: Lydia Folckomer
Sprout’s Holidays Unwrapped On-Air Elements
Special Open
Season Open
Season Bug

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